5 Things You Need To Know About Building A Website

1. Choosing your domain nameNamecheap.com

Don’t use a free hosting service, you need your own domain name and hosting account.

Your domain name should be relevant to your niche and for branding purposes you should keep it catchy, short, and try to avoid hyphenated words.. .com is always the preferred domain extension.

If you can’t decide on a domain name right now register “yourownname.com” if it’s available.

Just take action and get started.

You should never spend more than $15 a year for a domain name and you can either register them through a web host or through a domain registrar.

Popular Domain Registrars

Here are two great domain tools to help you pick a name.

2. Pay For A Good Webhost

Web HostingNever use a free or super cheap web host ($1-$3 a month).

You should look for a host who offers Cpanel, Backups, Security, Free SSL, 24/7 Support and has a great reputation.  Expect to spend about $4-10 per month for a basic hosting package.

There are 100’s of web hosts to choose from and their offerings can be overwhelming.

Just stick with a recommended host and a basic package.

Don’t pay more than $15 per month unless you’re already getting over 10,000 visitors a month. 95 out of 100 website owners will never need more than a basic package.

Recommended Webhost 

  • SiteGround – Just take action and stop shopping around. Siteground offers free SSL, awesome backup system, great support and more.

3. Designing your website

If you want to create a site with a lot of pages that’s easy to update you’ll want to use WordPress.

Most webhosts have a one-click install of WordPress.  If you think you’ll just have a few pages which will rarely be updated stick with a basic HTML design.

Most web hosts have a free site builder inside of Cpanel you can use to make a simple site in 30 minutes or so.

Obsessing about your site design is a waste of time. Just get it LIVE.. Tweak it later.

Start simple with a clean, simple design like Socrates, Speker GeneratePress or pick a free theme from MyThemeShop.

Creating content and getting traffic is more of a priority than finding a design you like.  (fyi, most of your visitors only care about the content, mobile readabilty and navigation).  If you don’t have content, you won’t have traffic and no one’s ever going to see that really cool font choice you obsessed 3 hours over.

guide-getting_started4. Start Building a Mailing List.

This is the secret of every successful marketer..

“You know the ones you keep buying from because you’re on their list.

Write up a free report with valuable info and give it away to people who join your list. Create an autoresponder series which emails your list every 4-7 days with more valuable content and an occasional offer.

Look closely at the offers you opt in for, and also the followup emails you receive.

You will see how it’s done..

Mailing List Recommendations

5. Write quality original content for your site.. Create Value..

If you can write an email or a 100 word Facebook comment you can write original content for your site.. Write content that solves problems or truly informs and write as if you’re talking to a friend.

Don’t overthink your content just start writing and get it published. You can tweak titles, and content later.  If you’re stuck you can find low cost writers on Fiverr.com to help you get started.

Just take action, publish a few articles and share them on social media.

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